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I love learning new things. A solid background in sciences and interdisciplinary education allows me to research a variety of topics in depth: from Psychology of the individual to Artificial Intelligence.

Who holds the authorship of AI art?

The investigation of artificial intelligence art creation process and its legal considerations. The research in AI philosophy, machine learning, linear algebra, and law.

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Cognitive Model of Math Anxiety

The cognitive model of mathematics anxiety was created. Interdisciplinary research in cognitive science, neuroanatomy, psychology of fear, and computer science.

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Food as a preventive measure of cognitive deterioration.

A recommendation dietary guide was created. Interdisciplinary research in neuroanatomy, biochemistry, and nutrition.

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STEM Gender Gap

A commercial recommendation guide for decreasing gender gap in STEM for business purposes was created.

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Imitation Research

The psychological research in unconsciouss social imitation was conducted.

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